Community Benefit

Dear Friends,

While politicians grapple with what to do about health care, we, at CHI Health, are delivering it. We are not waiting for Washington to tell us what to do, we are making bold moves to ensure everyone in our community has access to health care whether or not they can afford it. It is a basic human need and as a faith-based organization, we are called to provide high quality care — period. Our mission at CHI Health calls us to educate, heal and build healthier communities. We do it at the highest levels because it’s the right thing to do.

This publication is a transparent report of the dollars we, as a not-forprofit organization, have invested in our communities over the last year. In fiscal 2017, which closed on June 30, 2017, CHI Health invested more than $191.4 million back into our communities. That reflects a 31.1 percent increase over 2016. The majority of those dollars went to caring for the poor and underserved as explained below.

CHI Health places our Community Benefit into three main buckets:

Importantly, we know those seeking our help are not only the ill and injured – they are also employers, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. By working directly with these organizations to design care around the needs of their workforce, lower costs, and provide more individualized care, we are ushering in changes to improve the quality and cost of care in a way that benefits the community as a whole.

We remain deeply committed to Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Our employees and providers are your neighbors and friends and we are proud of this community. It is our privilege to serve you.


Cliff A. Robertson, MD
Chief Executive Officer
CHI Health

Download the CHI Health Community Benefit Report 2017 (PDF)

View an overview of the community benefit from each hospital community below: