CHI Health Clinic

University Campus now open

University Campus Now Open

Primary Care, Cardiology, Behavioral and Women's Health now open with more services coming soon

42nd and L location opening 11/16

42nd and L Now Open

Primary Care, Medical Specialties, Behavioral, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy & Priority Care

CHI Health Clinic - 161st and West Maple

161st and West Maple

Primary Care, Medical Specialties, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy & Priority Care

CHI Health Clinic delivers more options and better access so you can spend time on what matters: being healthy. We have more than 20 specialties and 100 convenient locations; with some clinics offering extended hours. CHI Health Clinic also has several Family Health Centers to serve your primary care needs along with a variety of specialties and services offered at each location, including pharmacy, physical therapy and priority care and women's health. Patients can see their physician, have physical therapy, and pick up their prescriptions all during one visit.

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