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Alegent Creighton Clinic Primary Care

A CHI Health Clinic primary care physician is your personal doctor that you see for wellness check-ups and common illnesses. Primary care physicians establish a baseline record of your health and can track it over time, while focusing on wellness (disease prevention and the promotion of health). If necessary, they can refer you to a specialist for further testing and provide unique insight about your history the specialist can use in making a diagnosis.

Because the long-term relationship established between you and your primary care physician enables continuity of care, communication with your doctor is very important. You will want to choose a physician with whom you feel comfortable in sharing information as this helps the doctor make the best decisions about your care. There several types of PCPs:

Family Medicine (also known as Family Practice)

Family Medicine practitioners provide continuing, comprehensive health care for individual family members of both genders and all ages. By placing special attention on the family as a group, the Family Medicine practitioner provides more integrated care to all patients within a family.

  • Family Medicine practitioners emphasize disease prevention and wellness by: recommending preventive tests
  • coaching patients to change health behaviors so they don't develop the conditions they're at risk for
  • monitoring chronic conditions to prevent further complications

When a referral to a specialist is necessary, the Family Medicine practitioner collaborates with the specialist, coordinating the patient's healthcare and serving as the patient's advocate in all care settings.

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Internal Medicine (also known as Internists)

Internal Medicine physicians provide medical (nonsurgical) treatment for patients ranging in age from adolescent through senior years. Internists focus on the entire body of a patient and function in many capacities, as a diagnostician, a personal physician, health counselor, educator and consultant. As diagnosticians, they are specially trained to solve address medical situations in which several different illnesses may occur at the same time. They can manage complex and chronic illnesses, but also encourage wellness. As primary care physicians, they care for patients for life, in the clinic, during hospitalization and in even the nursing home, coordinating care when other specialists are involved.

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A pediatrician is a physician who specializes in treating children from newborn through adolescent years. Pediatricians provide routine preventive care, such as physical exams, immunizations, treatment of common illnesses and minor injuries, and promote wellness. While routine care is important, Pediatricians also play close attention to a child's progress to detect and manage diseases and conditions that affect their development. Their goal is to help each child mature into a healthy adult by reaching his or her full physical, mental and emotional growth potential. 

As with other primary care physicians, Pediatricians work with other medical specialists. Their appreciation of the vulnerability of children and adolescents makes them excellent advocates for children when communicating with patients, families and other professionals.

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Priority Care

CHI Health Clinic Priority Care provides same-day, unscheduled, walk-in access to a primary care physician at primary care rates. Primary care physicians provide continuing, comprehensive health care for individual family members of both genders and all ages. If we can’t get you in to see your normal primary care provider when you arrive we will provide you with options to see another member of the primary care team. This primary care team may include another physician, a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant. No appointment is necessary; patients are seen in the order of arrival and medical priority. You may however also choose to call ahead for a same day appointment, if available. Your primary care co-pay is expected at the time of service. 

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Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB/GYN)

An Obstetrician/Gynecologist, commonly abbreviated as OB/GYN, is a physician who specializes in the health of pregnant and non-pregnant women.

They provide medical care for women before and during pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and postpartum care. For non-pregnant women, OB/GYNs provide preventive care and screening for gynecological diseases. They manage hormonal disorders and perform surgery to correct pelvic organ and urinary tract problems. An Obstetrician/Gynecologist can serve both as a primary physician and consultant to other physicians.

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